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William (Reggie) Cunningham

William (Reggie) Cunningham

Minister, Author, Business Owner

William R. Cunningham, mostly known as Reggie, is a Christian minister, technology business owner, and author.


Reggie ministers through his website, Pursuing the Truth Ministries. Pursuing the Truth Ministries was started in about 1994 as a family fellowship. Reggie soon started putting his study guides and articles online. He has done seminars, workshops, and numerous Bible study classes. His primary objective is for people to have a personal and intimate relationship with God the Father, and that that relationship would transcend any religious affiliations or church denominations.  Reggie wants people to know God for themselves.

Reggie also has a marriage ministry online called My Hope in Marriage. it provides many informational resources to help people establish a fulfilling and happy marriage. Reggie has been studying marriage and evaluating his and those around him for over 30 years.  He has taken that information and knowledge and posted it through this website.

Reggie’s PC Resources

Reggie’s PC Resources is a website development and information technology support and services business. He has been providing these services to his community since the 1980s when he provided classes for computer maintenance. His focus at this time is website design and development using several platforms such as WordPress, .NET technologies, PHP, HTML5/JavaScript/CSS. You can check out his website at


Reggie has written two books thus far and is currently working on the third at the time of this writing. His first book was Beyond the Hype: Pursuing the Truth of Christianity. His second book was Marcy Max: The Light Encounters (

Other Stuff About Reggie

Reggie is married to Carla Cunningham and he has one son, William Nathaniel Cunningham. Reggie plays piano and keyboards and loves music. He loves technology, physics, astronomy, cosmology, computer technology, martial arts, and boxing.

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