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But you can call me Reggie

Web Developer | Minister | Certified Life coach | Author

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My Life Chunks


As Me

I’m a guy who has learned many things and have found ways to share it with you, hopefully to help you along your path.

As a Minister

I am a Christian minister that believes in a personal and intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


As an Author

I am an author of three books, numerous blogs, study guides, and articles, mostly having to do with Christianity.

As a Techie

I love technology, science, astronomy, cosmology, physics, and generally, how things work.

As a Husband & Father

I have been married for over 32 years and have one son. I have studied marriage for over 30 years.

As a Musician

I love music and I love to play my piano and keyboard. I love listening to many types of music.

As a Web Developer

I love creating websites and web applications. I’ve been doing it since the late 1990s and still enjoy it, especially when I learn new web technologies

As a Programmer

I fell in love with programming in high school. I still program using VB.NET, PHP, JavaScript, C#, and a few others. I am usually learning a new language.

As a Life Coach

Life coaching is a new venture of mine, but it is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Life coaching is a good way to do what God has wired me to do.

Coming Soon!

Online Courses

Online Courses

Get ready for my online courses on a variety of topics. In them, I will share my technical, business, and ministry experience with you.

Online Store

Online Stores

I will be selling a plethora of items through my online stores. They will range from odd products that you typically do not see to products related to my blogs and vlogs.

William R. Cunningham

About Me

My name is William Reginald Cunningham, mostly known as, Reggie. I love people, music, technology, science, astronomy, cosmology, physics, internet technologies, my wifey, son, and I love my mamma. God has wired me to help people and I do that as much as I can with the abilities that I have.  This website is a window into the things that I do.

My Websites

Liberty Life Coaching

Liberty to Life Coaching

Life Coaching Services

Pursuing the Truth Ministries

Pursuing the Truth Ministries

Christian ministry resources

My Hope In Marriage

My Hope In Marriage

Marriage resources from a Christian man’s perspective


Reggie's PC Resources

Reggie's PC Resources

Website development, computer and networking services. 

Marcy Max

Marcy Max

The Marcy Max series of books.


My Publications

Marcy Max: The Light Encounters

Marcy Max: The Light Encounters

Stay tuned for the 2nd edition!
Visit: www.marcymax.com

Marcy Max: The Light Encounters

Beyond the Hype: Pursuing the Truth of Christianity

Available on Amazon:
Beyond the Hype

Prayer Journal for Women

Prayer Journal for Women

Available on Amazon:
Prayer Journal for Women

Pursuing the Truth Ministries Christian ministry study guides and articles.


RPCR Technology articles.


Bucks County Women’s Journal articles.